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Pay Per Click abbreviated as PPC, is an online marketing campaign used to generate traffic on websites. In this campaign, when a particular website is clicked, the host website will be paid by the promoter of that advertisement. Keywords used in the online ads play a vital role in enhancing your appearance amongst search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. Tesla IT Solutions creates the best in class PPC Campaigns at economical and effective price to get the increased traffic to your website.

The PPC process comprises of:

  • Bidding for the appropriate keywords pertinent to the products and services you are catering
  • Placing in the keywords infused ads on various websites and weblogs
  • Hiring an experienced SEO company for PPC management service and paying out the amount depending on actual clicks on ads by the users

Tesla IT Solutions creates PPC Campaign by going through the following effective process:

  • Evaluating your products, services, customers or business entirely
  • Assessing your internet advertising budget along with your small and long run desired goals
  • Generating keywords infused, captivating and visually alluring advertisement
  • Tailored ads for search engine optimization
  • Generating bidding strategies and handling reporting tools
  • Uploading the ads, bidding, evaluating click-through rate as well as tracking conversions

Beneficial aspect of PPC campaign is that it is cost effective as you have to pay only if it fulfills the criteria of desired traffic to your site. By utilizing our services of additional tailor made options like landing page design and keyword research will aid tremendously to attain the right audience. PPC campaign management is a detailed process which requires a lot of research and analysis. Tesla IT Solutions is an imperative SEO Company that provides professional PPC services and will get you the maximum return on your investment.


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